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Tutoring and Consulting Fine Print

  • ​I will confirm your time within 24 hours. If your needs don’t fit my skill set, I will deny your request and refund your deposit so you can find someone better suited to help you.

  • Every zoom session will be recorded.

  • I cannot guarantee grades, scores, or publication. I can say that I’ve helped hundreds of students improve their skills with a measurable track record. 


  • Speak conversational English. I don’t speak other languages well enough to help you at the level I want to.

  • If you're sending or uploading a writing sample, use a format I can open: Word doc, PDF, Google doc with permissions.

  • Bring necessary materials. That may include your written work, the prompt [required if available for essays], the literature to analyze, or a way to take notes.

  • Be specific when describing your needs. 

  • Come with a mind open to learning and improvement.

  • Find a quiet environment to start the session.

  • Turn on both your camera and microphone. Let’s meet face to face.

  • Sign in on time. I will not extend your session to make up for time you may have lost by being late.




  • Don’t expect me to do your work for you. I will not help you cheat by giving you answers or writing your essay. 

  • Don’t be rude, foul, or disrespectful. 

  • Don’t send or upload writing samples that include explicit descriptions of rape, suicide, child abuse, animal harm, or gratuitous sex. While I enjoy reading about villains, morally gray characters, and intense action, I will not consider excerpts that glorify violence or evil.

  • Don’t forget your session time! Write it down, create an alert on your phone, or do whatever else you must to remember to show up.

  • I reserve the right to terminate a session for any reason.



Cancellation/No Show Policy

  • If you cancel more than 24 hours in advance, there is no penalty. Total deposit will be refunded.

  • If you cancel within 24 hours, I retain half the deposit.

  • If you are a no show, I retain the total deposit for that session. 

  • If I must cancel for an unforeseen reason, I’ll offer either to reschedule or refund your deposit.

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