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SIGNED Kingdoms on Fire paperback

SIGNED Kingdoms on Fire paperback

Kiria Arioc and Firian Kess are enemies.


At least as far as Kiria's concerned. Ever since Firian's Tanyuin troops ravaged the beautiful city of Brithnem, she's been on the run, struggling with her new role as leader of a ragtag band, and tumultuous emotions over her former love. Will her resistance be enough to take back the Kingdom?


Firian has a target on his back too. The man he trusted as his mentor now plays a deadly game with all their lives. Guilt-ridden and stripped of everything he cares about, Firian fears that even stopping Master Belik won't be enough to atone for his violent sins. But, as one of the most dangerous people in the world, he has to try.


Kingdoms are burning. For the ones they love, Firian and Kiria will give everything to make things right, even if it costs them their lives. 


Brace yourself for a jaw-dropping finale full of twists and action. 


Be brave. Be dangerous. It's time to fight for the future.

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