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SIGNED Into the Unreal paperback

SIGNED Into the Unreal paperback

Firian Kess, now Head of the Tanyuin Academy, sets his sights on winning over the girl he once took hostage: Kiria Arioc, Keeper of the Western Kingdom. But power always takes its toll. Firian's better impulses wage a losing war against his desire for control. Longing for more power, he uncovers a deadly ability in the Unreal that jeopardizes his alliances and his humanity.


Facing manipulation at home and war abroad, Kiria's bold choice to work with the Tanyu, their former enemies, makes her a political target even as she fights her growing feelings for the handsome but selfish Firian.


With violent enemies threatening both their reigns, they struggle to maintain the fragile peace they find with each other. Despite their efforts, darkness threatens to consume them, putting everyone they care about in mortal danger.


Dark and surprising, this sequel asks how far you can go before you become the very monster you're fighting.

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