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Firian Rising

"No one becomes the best by being good at something," Belik snapped. "You become the best by sacrificing everything else." He stared into Firian's face. "Are you ready to do that?"

"Yes," Firian answered, no hesitation.

"Then show me."

If you liked Red Queen or The Kiss of Deception, try this new fantasy full of intrigue, adventure, and enemies that might be closer than you think.

July 15, 2019

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Into the Unreal

"Kiria," he breathed, "do you think I'm a monster?"

A long silence. Too long. He tightened his grip on the fabric of her dress to steady himself, staying by her ear. If she had the worst to say, he's rather hear it than see it on her face.

Then she whispered, "You always have a choice."

Dark and surprising, this sequel asks how far you can go before you become the very monster you're fighting.

April 21, 2020

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Kingdoms on Fire

Firian nodded once, without argument. Fire without light. Almost hopeless.

Kiria took a step forward. “Firian,” she said, lowering her own voice to match his, “you are the most dangerous person I know. So be dangerous.”

The slow intensity of her words made him raise his eyes to hers again, and a smirk tugged at the edges of his mouth. He pulled his shoulders back and stood tall again. “You know I will.”

Brace yourself for a jaw-dropping finale full of twists and action. 

Be brave. Be dangerous. It’s time to fight for the future.

July 6, 2021



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